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Timothy Bradley’s Tweets About The Fight


The Timothy Bradley-Manny Pacquiao Rematch Poster Was Already Made Two Weeks Ago

Timothy Bradley tweeted out this photo back on May 29th, 11 days before the fight that ended with him winning. Will a rematch happen? Most likely, yes. In fact, tickets apparently are already on sale.

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Celebrities Take to Twitter To Show Their Disgust of the Bradley Vs. Pacquiao Decision.

Timothy Bradley Jr. was awarded the welterweight title over Manny Pacquiao in a controversial decision that had Twitter on fire last night.

Surfing A Standing Wave

Such an awesome way to surf.

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Skateboard Tricks At 1000 Frames Per Second

Olympic Committee Allow Alien Race To Compete In Upcoming Olympic Games

In an attempt to ease rising tensions between the human and alien race, the Olympic Committee has just declared that the aliens, formally known as the Gungans, are allowed to participate in this year’s Olympic Games being held in London. It will be the first time in a hundred years that the Gungans will be able to participate. The Gungan race, which come from the Andromeda galaxy, recently had a space dispute with the humans which led to the tensions. “They were putting all there satellite junk near our galaxy,” Gungan leader Rugor Nass said in an interview. “It was really annoying. It was blocking our view of your Sun.” Rass, a three time champion in the Gungan Games, believes his race has what it takes to win the gold medal in every event. “We can beat them. It’ll be easy,” he said. “And if we lose, we’ll just destroy your Earth.”

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The Rock Says “Hi Mom” On Television Back In His Miami U Days

In honor of Mother’s Day…

10 Epic, Funny, or Brutal MMA Gifs For Your Sunday

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Serena Williams Debuts New Rap Single. Uh Oh.

“I cook the track up like a frozen pizza”

Yeah, she should just stick with tennis…


Wait a minute now x4
I ball hard, no tennis racquet/I can see these haters through my Gucci glasses
I make hits like battin’ practice/Baby, like, ‘Serena, is you really rappin’?’
That’s me, thanks for listenin’/schooling all these rappers, they should pay tuition
I make a lot of money but that ain’t yo business/you can tell the people I said this
I win, I really mean it/Swag out this world, you should call me Venus
That’s my sister, my name is Serena/on the court I serve ’em up, no subpoena
I cook the track up like a frozen pizza/beats so crazy it might blow your speakers
I ain’t never been a loser and I’m always on top: roofer


Creepy Cricket Fan Stares Down The Camera

You’ll turn to stone if you look at him directly in the eye.

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