Olympic Committee Allow Alien Race To Compete In Upcoming Olympic Games

In an attempt to ease rising tensions between the human and alien race, the Olympic Committee has just declared that the aliens, formally known as the Gungans, are allowed to participate in this year’s Olympic Games being held in London. It will be the first time in a hundred years that the Gungans will be able to participate. The Gungan race, which come from the Andromeda galaxy, recently had a space dispute with the humans which led to the tensions. “They were putting all there satellite junk near our galaxy,” Gungan leader Rugor Nass said in an interview. “It was really annoying. It was blocking our view of your Sun.” Rass, a three time champion in the Gungan Games, believes his race has what it takes to win the gold medal in every event. “We can beat them. It’ll be easy,” he said. “And if we lose, we’ll just destroy your Earth.”

Picture via solstation


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