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Desean Jackson to Release Rap Album

It looks like Desean Jackson will be releasing a rap album later this summer. He’s also been working on a series of music videos to accompany the rap album. Oh boy, this should be good.

You can see Jackson’s appearance at the three minute mark in the video below.

And of course, here’s a picture of the Ferrari they rented for one of the music video shoots.

At least he’s putting his hard earned money to work.


Erratic 76ers Fans Swarm Into the Streets of Miami Yelling “The Boston Celtics are coming! The Boston Celtics are coming!”

After watching their team’s devastating loss and elimination from the playoffs, the Philadelphia 76ers fans felt the need and urge to swarm into the streets of Miami yelling “The Boston Celtics are coming!” Though already aware of what opponent their hometown team will be playing in the Eastern Conference Finals, Miami Heat fans swarmed into the streets as well yelling and screaming and causing mass chaos in South Beach.

Picture via Rob Carr/Getty Images

Four Gifs To Describe Game Four Of The Celtics-Philly Series

“Them crazy Philly fans are at it again!” – Doc Rivers

Gifs Via SB Nation

Vince Young Calls The Buffalo Bills “A Dream Team” After Promising Not To Call Them A Dream Team

After leading the Philadelphia Eagles to an inevitable doom last season, Quarterback Vince Young agreed to a one-year deal with the Buffalo Bills last Friday. In a press conference to announce the deal, Vince Young said he was very excited to play for the Bills. “You know I’m very excited to play for a team of this caliber,” Young said. “I promise you I won’t goof around like I did last year and call this team a dream team.” After a few seconds of snickering to himself, Young stood up and declared in a stern voice, “There is only one dream team in the NFL! And that is the Bills!” Young then ran out of the room laughing to himself.

The Bills should keep a close eye on Young or a lot of passes like this might happen next year:

Four Gifs To Describe the Celtics Loss To The 76ers Tonight

via SBnation

Lesean Mccoy is Osi Umenyiora’s Mother

After years of speculation and rumors, Osi Umenyiora has confirmed through Twitter that Lesean Mccoy is his mother. Check out the tweet below.

And Mccoy’s response:

Well, it looks like they’re having some beef for dinner tonight.

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