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New England Patriots Plan On Signing Every Free Agent Tight End

In an effort to not give Wes Welker his hard earned money, the Patriots have said that they will sign every free agent Tight End by the end of the month. The Patriots, who already signed TEs Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski to new deals this off season, released a statement earlier today: “It seems like the most logical thing to do. Why have three or four Tight Ends, when you can have twenty to thirty?”


Jacksonville Jaguars Organization Hits a New Low With Jaguaring

First, there was Tebowing. Now, there is Jaguaring.  Dangit, Jacksonville … stop this.

NFL Network to Air 16 Hour Documentary About What Happened During the NFL Lockout

Picture Via Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

In an effort to fight slumping ratings, the NFL Network has reportedly agreed to televise a 16 hour documentary that explains what occurred during the lockout.

“Viewers will finally get to know what happened during this controversial yet highly exciting and energetic event,” the NFL Network said in a statement released this morning. “They will be able to watch the entire meetings, hearings, and arguments that took place during the lockout, including the six hour meeting between NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL Players Union.”

NFL Network expects ratings to rebound after the premiere of the documentary. They plan to show it continuously on NFL Network for 2 weeks.

Ochocinco Writes Caring Letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

Check out the entire letter below:

Dear Dad,

I know it has been a rough week, so I wanted to reach out. Players dying, players suing and on top of that my peers are just going off on you in the media. It does not help that ESPN has all of a sudden become Medical TV with damn near every brain expert on the planet. This has got to be the worst week ever. Since no one is showing any support, I figured I would be the first. You are in one big ass catch 22 and quite frankly, I am not sure there is any solution. One thing I think can help is killing the NFL PR machine.

Y’all do a darn near perfect job at portraying this game as one played by heroes.

But let’s be real dad. This is a nasty, dirty and violent game with consequences. Sign up or go get a regular job. Watch it or turn off the TV and go fishing with your kids. It is really that simple. I know there are probably legal and financial implications that prevent this blunt depiction, but am not sure if you have a choice. If you don’t say it now, the mounting evidence being revealed publicly will say it for you very soon. In all, I love you and if anyone can lead us out of this mess, it will be you. Oh by the way, I have a deal for you. Am having a rebound year and plan to do a lot of celebrating in the end zone. Can my fine money go to supporting ex-players suffering?




Looking forward to Ocho’s celebrations?


Tom Brady’s Hair = Eight Wonder of the World?

Tom Brady’s hairstyle has evolved throughout the ages.  However, none of these previous hairstyles came close to what he revealed at the Met Gala this past week. In fact, it may be declared an eight wonder of the world. Check it out below.

Credit for Photo: Kevin Mazur/

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