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Thabo Sefolosha’s Insane Pass To Westbrook

He faked everyone out.


Lebron James Passes To Himself


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Picture by Lynne Sladky/The Associated Press

Rajon Rondo Likes To Store His Mouthpiece in His Jersey

“I’ll just save this for later”

Metta World Peace’s New Mental Health Awareness Ad


Metta Man!

Eight Chris Bosh Gifs for Your Tuesday

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Erratic 76ers Fans Swarm Into the Streets of Miami Yelling “The Boston Celtics are coming! The Boston Celtics are coming!”

After watching their team’s devastating loss and elimination from the playoffs, the Philadelphia 76ers fans felt the need and urge to swarm into the streets of Miami yelling “The Boston Celtics are coming!” Though already aware of what opponent their hometown team will be playing in the Eastern Conference Finals, Miami Heat fans swarmed into the streets as well yelling and screaming and causing mass chaos in South Beach.

Picture via Rob Carr/Getty Images

Frustrated Larry Bird Storms the Court and Shows the Pacers How to Play “Tough” Basketball But is Rejected by Lebron James

A frustrated Larry Bird, upset with his team’s performance and lack of toughness, decided to take matters into his own hands by storming the court during the second quarter and demanding to be thrown the ball. A confused Danny Granger promptly passed him the ball after which Larry Bird drove to the basket for a layup. However, Lebron James, watching from a distance, ran up to the basket and blocked Bird’s attempted shot, sending both the basketball and Bird flying into the arena’s seats. Bird reportedly knocked over and/or seriously injured 24 fans, 43 beer cups, and 17 food items. Bird has released a statement that says that he will not reimburse anyone for the damages.

Clippers Fans Are Scheduled To Jump Back Onto The Lakers Bandwagon Following The Clippers Loss To The Spurs

Picture Via 48minutesofhell

Following their team’s loss and elimination from the playoffs, Clippers fans have all decided that they will jump back onto the Lakers bandwagon. “It seemed to be the best available option for all of us,” Los Angeles native and bandwagon fan Jerry Wallace said. The Clippers, who have played horrible the last several seasons, finally found success under the leadership of stars like Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. However, this new found success did not last, as they were swept by the San Antonio Spurs. Clippers fans are encouraged to participate in a mass burning of all Clippers apparel later today.

Eight Gifs To Describe The Lakers Win Over The Thunder In Game Three



Four Gifs To Describe Game Four Of The Celtics-Philly Series

“Them crazy Philly fans are at it again!” – Doc Rivers

Gifs Via SB Nation

The Oklahoma City Massacre By Metta World Peace


And in video form:

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The Blake Griffin – Tim Duncan Bump

“Sorry little boy, your flopping won’t work on me” – Tim Duncan

A Pre-game to Post-game Insight And Analysis (Using Only Gifs) Of The Miami Heat’s Loss To The Pacers


First Quarter

Second Quarter


Third Quarter 

Fourth Quarter 


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Eight Ricky Rubio Gifs For Your Tuesday

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Six Gifs To Describe The Lakers-Thunder Game Last Night

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