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Vince Young Calls The Buffalo Bills “A Dream Team” After Promising Not To Call Them A Dream Team

After leading the¬†Philadelphia¬†Eagles to an inevitable doom last season, Quarterback Vince Young agreed to a one-year deal with the Buffalo Bills last Friday. In a press conference to announce the deal, Vince Young said he was very excited to play for the Bills. “You know I’m very excited to play for a team of this caliber,” Young said. “I promise you I won’t goof around like I did last year and call this team a dream team.” After a few seconds of snickering to himself, Young stood up and declared in a stern voice, “There is only one dream team in the NFL! And that is the Bills!” Young then ran out of the room laughing to himself.

The Bills should keep a close eye on Young or a lot of passes like this might happen next year:

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