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Sleep Well, Leandro

Leandro Barbosa is mercilessly chocked to death as onlooker picks his nose.


Rajon Rondo Likes To Store His Mouthpiece in His Jersey

“I’ll just save this for later”

Boston Celtics – Miami Heat Game Ends In A Tie?

I guess David Stern changed the rules right before the game.

Celtics Blame Missed Free Throws on Annoying June Bugs Flying in their Faces

Picture via The Basketball Professor

After having a horrendous free throw percentage in Game One of the Eastern Conference Finals, the Celtics quickly blamed “those annoying June bugs” flying in their faces. “Every damn time I stepped up to the free throw line and shot, those June bugs would keep flying in my face. They clearly made me missed,” said Ray Allen who was 3-7 from the free throw line. The Celtics look to even the series tonight.

Erratic 76ers Fans Swarm Into the Streets of Miami Yelling “The Boston Celtics are coming! The Boston Celtics are coming!”

After watching their team’s devastating loss and elimination from the playoffs, the Philadelphia 76ers fans felt the need and urge to swarm into the streets of Miami yelling “The Boston Celtics are coming!” Though already aware of what opponent their hometown team will be playing in the Eastern Conference Finals, Miami Heat fans swarmed into the streets as well yelling and screaming and causing mass chaos in South Beach.

Picture via Rob Carr/Getty Images

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