Lakers GM Initiates “Order 66” Following Lakers Loss to the Thunder

Following his team’s horrendous elimination from the playoffs, Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak reportedly initiated “Order 66”. “When you reach a new low like we have done today, you know it is time for change. That’s why I am initiating this order immediately,” Kupchak said in an interview following last night’s loss to the Thunder. “Order 66”, which Kupchak claims he did not steal from Star Wars Episode III but rather George Lucas stole it from him, will eliminate all worthless players from the Lakers roster by trading them to the worst teams in the league. When asked who would be affected by this order, Kupchak responded, “Pau Gasol, (Andrew) Bynum, Ramon Sessions, and some other worthless players.” The Charlotte Bobcats, who set a new record for the worst season in NBA history this year, released a statement saying they were very excited to hear of “Order 66” being initiated and they KNOW the Lakers players are as well.

Picture Via Jeff Golden/Getty Images


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  1. It’s definitely worth asking if this is it for this era of Kobe and the Lakers. It’s hard to believe with Pau and Kobe not getting any younger that these guys can continue to compete in the ever strong west for an NBA championship. Bynum is going to have to take a huge role more consistently, especially near the end of games but that’s definitely a big if for the franchise considering his comments yesterday. It’s going to be very interesting to see how this Laker team works itself out in the off-season and if they really change up their roster. Also, you think you could take a gander over at my blog post because I would absolutely love to hear what you have to say

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